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Athena comes to Telemachus as Odysseus’ friend Mentor to bring hope of his fathers survival and gives him advice to go find information about his father. Odysseus blinds Polyphemus, Poseidons son and yells out his real name as he is making his escape. Odysseus travels to the underworld to find the prophet who will tell him the outcome of his journey and down at the underworld he talks to his fellow soldies, and his mother. Odysseus’ men don’t follow his orders and slay a cattle on Helios’ island which leads to the crews death. Odysseus is helped by the phaecians to get back to his home Ithaca but then Poseidon punishes
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Unformatted text preview: the Phaecians for helping Odysseus Antinoos and the fellow suitors plan the death of telemakus Odysseus returns home disguised as an old beggar and receives hospitality from his loyal swinheard. Odysseus Telemachus the swineherd and the cowherd attack the suitors and Odysseus takes his revenge Odysseus proves to his Wife Penelope he is the real Odysseus when he talks about the bed he made The nurse notices the scar of the old beggar and realizes it that he is Odysseus...
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