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Pena 1 “I would rather be remembered as a person who did something great than to be remembered as someone who said I would do something great”, a quote from an anonymous source sums up kind of person I am. Through out world history, many historical figures have been considered as the most influential figures that have ever lived due to the fact that they left a lasting impression on the world during their time. Names like Mao Zedong, Confucius, and Napoleon Bonaparte have been considered by many as the most influential figures to ever live through out world history for they have left a slight impression on the world while they were once living in. Regardless of the afore mentioned, no figure in history is as influential as I, Fidel Castro, the former great leader of the wonderful country of Cuba , for I have left the greatest lasting impression on not only my country, but on the world and its history as we know it . As I graduated the University of Havana with my degree in law, I became increasingly passionate in the area of social justice; this is all when the oppressing dictator Fulgencio Batista was in power and leading Cuba into great despair and turmoil. The dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista was the greatest problem that was occurring while I was still a young adult. Batista, being the cruel and oppressing dictator that he is eliminated many of the basic rights of man that John Locke believed that all leaders should work to protect in order to create a happy and prosperous country. Batista eliminated all basic political liberties, such as revoking the right to protest against the government. Batista did not stop there, he created greater problem for the people of Cuba. Fearing his loss of power, Batista, being the coward that he is, created a close alliance with all the wealthy sugar plantation owners of Cuba which created an economy that
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Pena 2 ruined the lives of many common people living in Cuba. The new economy that was created after Batista made an alliance with the wealthy social class of Cuba offered no fairness to the people of the middle and lower class for there was now a newly widen gap between those who are wealthy and those who were not. This economy led to greater problems arising due to Batista’s corruptive reign, his regime began creating relationships with the mafia, who controlled the drug trafficking business, these relationships made his regime and even Batista stray away from keeping their citizens under control. Citizens now began to rebel, but Batista established a stricter control of the media with the use of his secret police who silenced anyone that spoke about his rule in a negative manner and as a result Batista and his secret police tortured and massacred over 20000 citizens of Cuba. These changes experienced in Cuba from a common government where citizens had the right to elect their leader to a dictatorship led by a former war general were common in South America. An example of this is the rise of Rafael Trujillo who took
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Paul Pena - Pena 1 "I would rather be remembered as a...

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