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Samuel Castrejon Mrs. Angus English 2 Honors 23 February 2011 Frankenstein 1) Frankenstein is written in a unique structure called epistolary structure and it is also a framed narrative. Epistolary structure in novels consists of novels being involved to push the story onward and also involves the writing of letters to also help the novel move onward. A framed narrative is a story that includes many other stories that go along with it and affect the overall story in a great way. The use of the epistolary structure and framed novel not only help move the story forward but they also attribute the ideas and point of views of the different characters found in the story. The use of the letters through out the story allows for the reflection of events that recently occur and it also allows for the character writing the letter to share their insight of the recent events. Also the use of the framed narrative structure allows each major character to attribute their story which not only helps the story run smoothly but it also offers different insights to the audience which allows the audience to ultimately decide which character is truly at fault in the story making it effective because it allows the reader to be the final judge by getting all sides of the story. 2) Prometheus and Franker are punished for their actions of creating life. Frankenstein played God and created life out of nothing. Prometheus was given the task to created mankind and modeled them after what he thought they should be. Despite their good intentions both are ultimately punished for their actions. After giving life to his creature
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Frankenstein says “Now that I finished, the beauty of the dream vanished and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart” (42). Even after accomplishing goals Frankenstein feels the badness of what he has just done. Prometheus after helping his beloved creation is also punished because he tricked Zeus. The creature goes out and seeks vengeance against his creator while Prometheus must watch an eagle attack him and eat his liver every day. Also Zeus sends out greater destruction on mankind and Prometheus can only watch as it occurs. Basically both suffer from their own creation. 3) Harold Blood in the afterword states that “Milton’s Adam excels Milton’s God in Paradise Lost” (202). Adam was a creation of God and according to Blood; Adam eventually passes God and becomes better than him. This is almost identical to the event in Frankenstein in which Frankenstein’s creation not only surpasses Frankenstein but in a sense surpasses God as well. Through out the story it is seen that the creature surpasses Frankenstein emotionally and intelligently. He also tells his stories that show that he has new found emotions. By being created the monster passes God because he is a form of life that was created out of nothing which goes against nature and God. In both Frankenstein and Paradise Lost characters like Frankenstein, Adam, and Eve try to pass God by in the end they are punished for believing they are wiser than God. Frankenstein
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pinche Angus - Samuel Castrejon Mrs. Angus English 2 Honors...

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