The Last of the Mohicans AP Card

The Last of the Mohicans AP Card - Samuel Castrejon Period...

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Samuel Castrejon Period 0 November 25, 2011 The Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Copper, 1826 Major Characters: Mayor Heyward, Hawkeye, Magua, Uncas, Alice, Cora, Gamut, Colonel Munro, General Webb, Tamenund, General Montcalm, and Location: The Last of the Mohicans takes place in the wilderness during the French and Indian War in American. The story then moves locations into a variety of wilderness landscapes, caves, and forests. It even goes into Fort William Henry as well. Major Scenes: Heyward, Magua, Alice, and Cora make their way out of Fort Edward to visit their father and they soon encounter Hawkeye and Chingachgook, two Indians, who reveal to the rest of the group that Magua has betrayed them by leading them in the wrong direction (35). The Huron have now captured Heyward, Alice, and Cora and they are preparing to murder Heyward. Suddenly the Mohicans burst out onto the scene and free them and they also murder every Huron except Magua. They eventually make their way to Fort Henry (107). The English forced call for a truce, and Munro realized that he will have no reinforcements and will be forced to surrender (155). The English soldiers are peacefully making their way out of the Fort and as they are doing so the blood hungry Indian allies of the French attack the men and they recapture Alice, Cora, and Gamut (184). Three days pass by and Heyward begins to follow Magua’s trail and they learn the Magua has separated Alice and Cora into two different camps. Heyward disguises himself as a doctor and finds Alice, where he confesses his emotional feelings towards her (263). In the Delaware Camp, Magua and his Hurons suffer defeat but a rogue Huron kills Cora. Magua then stabs Uncas in the back and then he attempts to jump over a great divide but falls short and Hawkeye shoot him down before he could successfully climb back to the
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The Last of the Mohicans AP Card - Samuel Castrejon Period...

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