The Scarlett Letter (1)

The Scarlett Letter (1) - Samuel Castrejon Period 0 The...

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Samuel Castrejon 9/10/11 Period 0 The Scarlet Letter Vocabulary Terms Section 1 1. Decorous- One who is characterized by good taste and propriety in manners, conduct, and appearance. Synonym- Proper Antonym- Undignified The Decorous girl tried to impress the ambitious boy . 2. Propriety- Conformity to standards of good or proper manners. Synonyms- Decency, Modesty. Antonyms- Indecency, Impropriety Example- In front of her parent’s guest, the seven year old girl conducted herself with propriety. 3. Melancholy- A state of mind that is characterized by depression and gloominess. Synonyms- Sadness, Dejection Antonyms- Gladness, Blissfulness Example- The constant rain in the winter gives many a cause for melancholy. 4. Languid- lacking in spirit, vigor, vitality, or interest. Synonyms- Sluggish, Inactive, Spiritless Antonyms- Energetic, Active, Vigorous Example- The employees performed their job at a languid pace regardless of their boss’ orders.
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5. Edifice- a large building with an imposing appearance Synonyms- Tower, Cathedral Antonym- Small building, Hut Example- The U.S Capitol building is one of the most impressive edifices in the nation. 6. Inclement- Severe in temper, Merciless. Synonyms- Harsh, Rough, stormy Antonyms- Kind, Clear, fair Example- All planes to Denver were delayed for five days due to the inclement thunder storms. 7. Voluminous- Forming to fill a large volume or many volumes. Synonyms- Copious, Bulky Antonyms- Dwarf, Puny Example- Many hair care products for women claim to produce voluminous hair and often times fail 8. Ascended- To move, climb, or go upward. Synonyms- Soar, Arise Antonyms- Descend, Decline Example- The manager of the restaurant started off as a busboy but ascended to his current position. 9. Laudable- worthy of praise; deserving praise.
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The Scarlett Letter (1) - Samuel Castrejon Period 0 The...

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