The Scarlett Letter (2)

The Scarlett Letter (2) - Synonyms Endue Bless 11 Enmity...

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Samuel Castrejon Period 0 9/17/11 The Scarlet Letter Vocabulary Terms Section 2 1. Deleterious- Having a harmful effect to one’s health, injurious Synonym- Pernicious 2. Depravity- The state of being depraved; a corrupt act Synonyms- Corruption, Degeneracy 3. Derisively- The use of ridicule or scorn to show contempt Synonym- Mockingly 4. Despondency- Depression of spirits from loss of hope Synonyms- Melancholy, Dejection 5. Despotic- a ruler with absolute power; a person who exercises power tyrannically Synonyms- Dictatorial, Oppressor 6. Discern- To detect with the eyes, to comprehend mentally Synonyms- Distinguish, Perceive 7. Duplicity - Purposely deceive in behavior or speech, an act of deceitfulness Synonyms-Deception, Deceit 8. Edifice- A large imposing building Synonym- Cathedral 9. Effervescence- To give off bubbles of gas Synonym- Bubbliness 10. Endowing- To provide with a source of income or property; to supply with a talent
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Unformatted text preview: Synonyms- Endue, Bless 11. Enmity- Mutual hatred Synonym- Animosity 12. Entreat- To ask earnestly for a request Synonym- Adjure 13. Enumerated- To count off one by one Synonym-Itemize 14. Erudite- Characterize by great knowledge Synonym-Educated 15. Esoteric- Something that is intended to or understood by only a restricted group of people Synonym- Obscure 16. Estranged- To remove from an accustomed setting Synonym- Alienate 17. Ethereal- Characterized by lightness Synonym- Airy 18. Eulogium- An expression or praise to someone that has recently died Synonym- Eulogy 19. Evanescent- To fade or vanish like vapor Synonym- Temporary 20. Exigencies- A state requiring much effort or immediate action Synonym- Emergency 21. Expiation- To make amends; to expiate Synonym- Atone 22. Extant- Not destroyed; still in existent Synonym- Living...
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The Scarlett Letter (2) - Synonyms Endue Bless 11 Enmity...

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