The Scarlett Letter (4)

The Scarlett Letter (4) - Samuel Castrejon 10/1411 Period 0...

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Samuel Castrejon 10/1411 Period 0 The Scarlet Letter Vocabulary Terms Section 4 1. Insidious- Intending to entrap; spreading harm in a stealthy manner Synonym- Pernicious 2. Inveterately- Settled in a habit; firmly and long established Synonym- Habitual 3. Inviolable- Secure from violate and destruction Synonym- Infrangible 4. Jocularity- Characterized by joking Synonym- Jocosity 5. Jollity- A merry mood or condition Synonym- Mirth 6. Labyrinth- A difficult arrange of paths; a complicated or tortuous arrangement; any confusing state of things Synonyms- Maze 7. Lamentation- To express or feel sorry or regret Synonym- Mourning 8. Languid- Lacking vitality; lacking spirit Synonym- Sluggish 9. Laudable- Deserving praise Synonym- Applaudable 10. Loquacity- A very talkative state; talking freely Synonym- Garrulity 11. Lurid- Gruesome; causing shock or horror Synonym- Dismal 12. Magnate- A person that has great influence, power, or importance in the field of business Synonym- Mogul 13. Malefactresses- A woman who violates the law or does any evil act
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The Scarlett Letter (4) - Samuel Castrejon 10/1411 Period 0...

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