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Samuel Castrejon Mrs. Lanz English 3 Honors Period 0 18 January 2012 Contemporary Authors: Dickens and Twain Mark Twain and Charles Dickens have been classified as contemporaries of one another in terms of their literary work found in Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. Dickens and Twain emphasize the harsh social distinctions in their novels that reflected Pre-Civil War America and the Victorian Period in England. Dickens centered his novel around Ebenezer Scrooge, a bitter and heartless old man who shows no compassion for those around him. He experiences life changing events when he encounters the three Christmas spirits. Twain centers his novel around the adolescent Huckleberry Finn and the adventures he takes while riding on the Mississippi River which a runaway slave named Jim. Huckleberry Finn also experiences a change in his character when he matures alongside Jim through out their many adventures. Ultimately, both Mark Twain and Charles Dickens effectively demonstrate their similarities in philosophy by focusing on the social injustice of their time period while demonstrating authentic dialect to create a realistic setting, however; both authors differences in that Twain focused on the them of Racisms while Dickens focused on Capitalism. When comparing Dickens and Twain in terms of these novels, the greatest similarity that arises come in the form of their philosophy towards the injustices of their
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respective societies, Twain’s American society, and Dickens’s English society. In the Victorian Period, social distinctions became very evident when the rich started to increase in wealth and the poor continued to decrease in terms of wealth. In A Christmas Carol , Dickens shows his need for change in his society when he presents the audiences with the Cratchit family in their dusty worn out home with little money and no help from the welfare programs offered during this time. Dickens created this poor family to create a feeling of sympathy for his audience but he also wanted to show the injustice in this situation. By illustrating a happy and context family living in the worst possible
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Twain essay - Samuel Castrejon Mrs Lanz English 3 Honors...

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