week 9 - Samuel Castrejon Period 0 Syllabus Week 9 8 In The...

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Unformatted text preview: Samuel Castrejon Period 0 11/5/11 Syllabus Week 9 8) In The Minister’s Black Veil, the people of a Puritan society are in a state of confusion when the minister reveals himself wearing a mysterious black veil over his face. Using previously obtained knowledge of Puritan’s society it is clear to see that the minister’s veil represents sin due to the fact that Puritan’s use everyday items to represent different symbols. Similarly to The Scarlet Letter , members of the Puritan society live their lives focusing on the scarlet letter placed on Hester Prynne’s chest, in The Minister’s Black Veil the townspeople focus their lives on the black veil and what it represents. Hooper, the minister, focuses his sermon on the idea of secret sin which justifies the idea that the townspeople are focused on his veil when the sermon strucks guilt within the minds of the townspeople. While Hooper is completing his sermon, it is stated “Each member of the congregation, the most innocent girl, and the man of hardened breast, felt as if the preacher had crept upon them, behind his awful veil, and discovered their hoarded iniquity of dead or thought” (306). This statement reveals the idea that the puritan townspeople are focused on the minister and the black veil because they fear the idea that the minister knows their hidden sin and they also fear the consequences that can come when going against God. The contents of this short parable added new information to the previously obtained Puritan knowledge. It explained the powerful role of the minister in new perspectives. The minister in this parable was seen as a regular old minister until he revealed himself with a black veil covering his face. When he revealed himself with the veil on, the town began to fear him and what the veil could have possibly represented...
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week 9 - Samuel Castrejon Period 0 Syllabus Week 9 8 In The...

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