Iqtidaa ul Ilm al Amal

Iqtidaa ul Ilm al Amal - Iqtidaa-ul-`Ilm al-`Amal Knowledge...

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1 Iqtidaa-ul-‘Ilm al-‘Amal Knowledge Mandates Action By Imaam Abu Bakr Ahmad bin ‘Alee Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee [Died: 463H] With Verification and notes by Imaam Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee
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2 Table of Contents 1. A Brief Biography of the Author 3 2. A Point of Benefit 5 3. Introduction to the Treatise 7 4. Text of the Treatise 9 5. The Censure of Those who do not Act upon Knowledge, but rather Lean towards its Opposite, And to the Contrary of what Knowledge Mandates 23 6. The Disapproval of Seeking Knowledge in order to Compete and Debate with Others, to Fulfill Personal Goals, and to Receive Compensation from it 32 7. The Warning, Threat and Severe Caution against those Who Recite the Qur'aan to Gain Repute and Fame and Not in Order to Act on it and Gain Reward 35 8. What has been Stated concerning Memorizing Its Letters yet Neglecting its Commandments 37 9. The Disapproval of Acquiring Knowledge for Other than the Sake of Worship 40 10. The Dislike of Seeking Hadeeth in order to Boast, Hold Gatherings or Gain Followers And Companions through Narration 42 11. Those who Disliked Learning Grammar (Nahu) Due to what that Breeds from Arrogance and Pride 48 12. Abiding by the Guarantee Of what will Occur in the Hereafter 50 13. Good Deeds are the Provisions and Useful Supplies on the Day of Final Return 51 14. Taking Advantage of Youth, Health and Free Time and Hastening to do Good Deeds before the Occurrence of that which will cause these Things to Cease 53 15. The Disapproval of Procrastinating 60 16. Glossary of Terms Used 62
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