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193 do not interfere in matters that do not concern

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Unformatted text preview: er ill friend for a visit, but they would continue to make excuses, until one of the sons finally agreed to take her. So he took her in his car. When they arrived at the house, the old woman got out of the car whilst the son waited. The old woman then visited her friend to find that she was completely beset by her illness. She greeted her and prayed for her. When she began to leave, she walked for a while in the lobby with her friend's weeping daughters, and said, innocently, "Unfortunately, I cannot come to you whenever I want. Your mother is severely ill, and it seems that she will die. So let me say to you now, `May Allah grant you all befitting patience over her death!'" 189 Only pass comment on what is good 28 Hence, be careful, O intelligent person! Only pass comment on things that are a source of joy, and not depressing. A problem... If you were ever forced to comment on something bad, such as dirt on a garment, or a bad odour, then do so tactfully. Be clever and kind while doing so. 190 (29) Do not interfere in matters that do not concern you "From the excellence of one's Islam is to leave that which does not concern him." How beautiful is this expression, especially if you were to hear it from the righteous and pure mouth of the Messenger of Allah may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him! Yes, to leave that which does not concern him! How many are those cumbersome people who bother you by interfering in matters that do not concern them? They bother you when they see your watch, "How much did you buy this for?" You reply, "This was given to me as a gift". Then they would say, "A gift? From whom?" You reply, "From a friend." He would continue, "Your friend from the university? Or your locality? Or elsewhere?" You reply, "Well, a friend of mine from the university." He keeps pressing, "Okay, but what was the occasion?" You respond, "Well, an occasion, from our university days." 191 Do not interfere in matters that do not concern you 29 He then says, &qu...
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