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267 do not criticise me end of story 38 hence the

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Unformatted text preview: , your ability to avoid it as much as possible and endeavour to correct people in ways that do not cause them hurt or embarrassment is the indication of an astute person. There are cases in which it is preferable you remain oblivious, especially when they involve worldly issues and personal rights. The leader of a people is not the one who is foolish The leader of a people is the one who pretends to be foolish The one who is criticised views criticisms as sharp arrows directed towards him, because he feels he is deficient.This is the first point. The second point is to try to avoid as much as you can advising someone in public: 262 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 Advise me in private freely But do spare me of your advice in public For the advice given in public is a form of rebuke I do not like to hear When a mistake becomes widespread and you feel compelled to advise a person publicly, then adhere to the principle: "What is wrong with the people that they do such and such?", as we have already explained. A criticism is like a whip which the critic uses to lash someone's back. Some people repel others either by the excessiveness of their criticisms, or by criticising bygone things where their criticisms do not rectify any wrongdoing or achieve any objective. The plight of a poor man who had left his land for another country to work as a truck driver comes to mind. One day, he was very tired, but he managed to force himself to sit in the truck and drive it a long way between two cities. On the way, he was overtaken by slumber. He tried to fight off sleep and accelerated a little. He overtook a car in front of him without paying full attention, only to encounter another small car heading towards him with three passengers. He tried to steer away but could not and collided into the car head on.There was a lot of dust and smoke at the scene, and the passersby began to stop their cars to witness the accident. The truck driver came out and looked at the car, then looked at the passengers to find them all dead. The people took the pass...
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