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293 42 admit your faults and do not be arrogant many

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Unformatted text preview: so one day you scream in the face of someone sitting next to you, "You are talking about me, aren't you?" or to your son, "You want to upset me by being lazy!" or your wife, "You deliberately do not give the house due attention?" The Prophet's method in general was to be tolerant. That way he used to enjoy his life. Sometimes, he would go to his family in the morning, whilst feeling hungry. He would ask them, "Do you have anything to eat?" They would say, "No." He would say, "In that case, I will fast." He didn't use to cause problems due to that. He didn't use to say, "Why don't you cook something? Why don't you tell me so I can buy it for you?" Rather, he would say, "In that case, I am fasting", and that would be the end of the matter. He would deal with everyone in a very tolerant fashion. Kulthum bin al-Husayb was one of the best the Companions. He said, "I went out on the expedition of Tabuk with the Messenger of Allah and one night I was travelling with him through the valley of al-Akhdar." Kulthum then mentioned the rest of the story where they walked for quite long, until sleep began to overcome him, and as they rode, his camel kept getting closer to the Prophet's camel. Upon noticing, he would suddenly wake up and pull his camel 287 Run away from problems! 41 away fearing his camel's saddle may brush against the Prophet's foot. At one point, he was overcome by sleep, and his camel collided into the Prophet's camel, and his saddle brushed against the Prophet's foot. The Prophet felt the pain and let out a sigh. Kulthum woke up upon hearing the sigh and became embarrassed and said, "O Messenger of Allah! Ask Allah for my forgiveness!" The Prophet demonstrated tolerance and said, "Carry on... Carry on..." Yes, this was all he said. He didn't turn it into a scene, saying "Why did you collide into me? The path is spacious! Why are you riding next to me, anyway?" No. He did not trouble himself. It was just a hit on the leg, and that was it. This wa...
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