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370 between the living and the dead 54 meaning her

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Unformatted text preview: d preventing him from being killed when perhaps even the daughter of the Messenger of Allah would not have been spared. This was Abu Sufyan, who at the time was a disbeliever, so how about the Muslims? Revelation... Gentleness beautifies everything. Harshness disfigures. 362 (54) Between the living and the dead There was a man who was extremely burdensome upon others. He was burdensome to his colleagues, his neighbours, his brothers and even his children. He was very unpleasant. He would always hear people saying to him, "Dear brother, you are cold, devoid of emotion!" But he would never respond to them positively. One day, his son came to him very happy and excited, waving his notebook since his teacher remarked on it, "Excellent!" But the father paid him scant attention, and only said, "O.K? So what? you'd think that it was a PhD!" Obviously, this wasn't quite the response the son expected. He was a teacher and he had a student in his lesson who was light-hearted. He felt that the lesson (and the teacher) were a bit cumbersome, so he decided to brighten up the atmosphere by making a joke. But the teacher's complexion did not change. He simply said, sarcastically, "Happy now?" Oh that his behaviour with his students was slightly different! He entered a grocery store where the shopkeeper said to him, "Al-hamdulillah! My family has sent me a letter!" But he did not react. He did not even ask himself why the shopkeeper de- 363 Between the living and the dead 54 cided to inform him of this! By Allah, the poor shopkeeper didn't inform him of this except to share his happiness with him. He visited one of his colleagues who made a cup of coffee for him and then showed him his first newborn, well-wrapped up in a blanket, and if he had been able to wrap him up with his eyelids he would have done! He stood in front of him with his baby and said, "What do you think?" He gave him a cold look and said icily, "MashaAllah... Allah will bless him for you." He then lifted his cup of coffee to drink. Obviously, he was expected to be more re...
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