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75 with adversaries 13 he said the one in the heavens

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Unformatted text preview: Allah, there is sweetness in what he says. There is beauty in what he says, as if its top is fruit and its bottom is water. It is overwhelming and cannot be subdued. It obliterates everything beneath it. No man can say this. No man can say this." They said, "This is just poetry, O Abu al-Walid! Just poetry!" He said, "By Allah, no one is more knowledgeable than me 74 With adversaries 13 concerning poetry! There is no one more knowledgeable about Rajaz (poetical rhyme) and poems than me! Or even the poetry of the Jinn! By Allah, what he says is not similar to any poetry!" `Utbah continued to discuss the Prophet with them. Although, `Utbah did not accept Islam, there is no doubt that his soul did incline towards it. Contemplate how the Prophet's noble manners and his technique of listening to `Utbah attentively affected him, even though he was a sworn enemy of Islam. On another occasion, the Quraysh decided to send Husayn bin al-Mundhir al-Khuza'i the father of the Prophet's companion, `Imran bin Husayn to discuss with the Prophet and to persuade him to stop his mission. `Imran's father visited the Prophet as he was sitting with his companions and said the usual words of complaint which the Quraysh would say to him, "You have disunited us, split our ranks...", as the Prophet calmly listened until he finished. The Prophet then said to him politely, "Have you finished, O Abu `Imran?" "Yes", he replied. The Prophet said, "Then answer my questions." "Ok, I am listening", he said. The Prophet said, "O Abu `Imran, how many gods do you worship?" He replied, "Seven. Six on the earth and one in the heavens!" The Prophet said, `Which of them do you love and fear?' 75 With adversaries 13 He said, "The one in the heavens." The Prophet said in all politeness, "O Husayn, if you were to accept Islam, I would teach you two words you could greatly benefit from." Husayn accepted Islam on the spot and said, "O Messenger of Allah, teach me the two words you promised you would teach me." The Prophet said, "O Allah, inspire me with guidan...
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