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abu abdullah who is originally from yemen has been

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Unformatted text preview: is originally from Yemen, has been involved in the book market for a long time. He is one of the many Darussalam distributors. He noticed the book in my hand and said, `This book is excellent. If you were to publish its translation, it would be considered a valuable addition to the international Islamic book collection.' He continued as he held my hand, `This book has made a record 10 number of sales.' Some time later, in my hotel room, I began reading the book. As I continued reading, I became more and more captivated by it. There is no doubt that the subject of the book itself was the thing that most interested me. Solutions to all the problems of the Muslim nation are present in the life of Allah's Messenger . His life is certainly an example for us to follow and a model for us to refer to at all times. No matter what problem arises in our lives, if we look to the Prophet's Seerah for a solution, we will surely find it.What makes this book outstanding is that it deals with our social problems in light of the Prophetic lifestyle. The work is filled with incidents from the Seerah, Islamic history, and the author's own experiences. By reading this book and implementing it practically, all of us can make our lives more enjoyable and more tranquil. This book includes remedies for despondency and numerous tips on how to keep worries and stress at bay.The author of this book, Dr. Muhammad bin `Abd ar-Rahman al-`Arifi is a well known scholar and lecturer from Saudi Arabia. His audiences are left mesmerised during his lectures as he has such a unique way of speaking that even us, the non-Arabs, are enchanted by his words. A visit to any of the Islamic audiocassette shops in this land gives proof to the popularity of this talented lecturer, and a single hearing of any of his lectures guarantees addiction! When I returned to Riyadh from Madinah, I requested one of our Egyptian Darussalam associates, Muhammad Shakir Qadhi, to establish contact with Dr. Al-`Arifi and to reque...
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