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abu hurayrah said from then on there was no

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Unformatted text preview: ery moving sight. I asked, "Do you see these people?" 536 Supplications 82 "Yes", he said. I said, "They have come from all over the world: white, black, Arabs, non-Arabs, rich and poor. All of them are praying to Allah that he accepts their efforts and forgives their sins. Do you not wish that Allah grants you what He grants them?' "I do, indeed", he said. I said, "Raise your hands and I will pray for you. Just say Amen to my supplications." I raised my hands and supplicated, "O Allah, forgive him!" He said, "Amen." I said, "O Allah, raise his rank and unite him with his beloved ones in Paradise. O Allah..." I continued to supplicate for him until his heart softened and he cried as he kept repeating "Amen... Amen..." When I decided to conclude the supplication, I said, "O Allah, if he stops smoking, then accept this supplication. If he doesn't stop smoking, then don't." Upon hearing this, the man exploded in tears, covered his face with his hands, and left the room. After many months had passed, I was invited by the same satellite television channel for another live show.When I entered the building, I saw a chubby man who came up to me and greeted me very warmly. He kissed my forehead and then kissed my hand. I said to him, "How kind of you! I really do appreciate the love and respect you have shown to me, but forgive me as I do 537 Supplications 82 not remember you." He said, "Do you remember the cameraman you advised a couple of years ago to quit smoking?" I said, "Yes." He said, "I am he! By Allah, dear Shaykh, I have not placed a cigarette in my mouth ever since!" Whenever I recall my memories, I always think about this incident. Three years ago during a Hajj season, I went to a Hajj group to deliver a lecture after the `Asr prayer. After the lecture, people came to greet me and ask me various questions. I wanted to finish with them quickly so that I could go to deliv...
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