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abu sufyan left abu bakr disappointed and went to

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Unformatted text preview: of the intelligent ones among them did not wish to fight. However, they had been compelled to march. The Prophet found out about this and was sure that if they attended the battle, they would not fight the Muslims. When he approached the battlefield, he wanted to inform his Companions about his decision regarding them and forbid them from killing them. He knew that some may have questions in their minds about his decision such as, "Why shouldn't we kill them when they have come out to fight us? Why did he exempt these people in particular?" The Prophet mentioned some preliminaries in order not to give them an opportunity to even think about the objections. How did he do so? He stood among his Companions and said, "I have come to know that some men from Banu Hashim and others have been forced to come out. They do not want to fight us." This was the first preliminary fact. He then said, "Therefore, whoever of you meets anyone from Banu Hashim in the battle, then let him not kill him. Whoever sees Abu al-Bakhtari bin Hashim bin al-Harith bin Asad, then let him not kill him. Whoever sees al-`Abbas bin `Abd al-Muttalib, the uncle of the Messenger of Allah, then let him not kill him, for they have been compelled to march." 574 Block the escape routes of the detractors 87 The Companions agreed to comply and began to discuss this amongst their circles. Abu Hudhayfa bin `Utbah bin Rabi'ah said, "Shall we kill our fathers, our sons and our brothers and spare al-`Abbas? By Allah, if I see him on the battlefield, I will strike him with my sword!" His words reached the Messenger of Allah . He turned to "Umar and said, `O Abu Hafs!" `Umar said about this later, "By Allah, this was the first time ever the Messenger of Allah gave me my nickname, Abu Hafs." The Prophet said, "O Abu Hafs! Will the face of the uncle of Allah's Messenger be struck with a sword?" `Umar felt disgusted and angry, for how could Abu Hudhayfah have rejected the order of the...
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