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at tufayl said they continued to warn me about him

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Unformatted text preview: ght would have an adverse affect on the entire pact. Suhayl quickly got hold of his son and began to drag him along by his chains as Abu Jandal was shouting, begging the Muslims for help. He said, "O Muslims! Am I going to be returned to the pagans after I have come to you as a Muslim?! Do you not see the ordeal I have undergone?" He continued to call for help until he eventually disappeared from their sight. The Muslims' hearts were filled with grief over him. They saw a young man who was being tortured - the son of an elite figure who had left a life of ease for punishment and torture. They helplessly watched him dragged on the ground in chains in front of them to be returned to his prison. Abu Jandal thus went back to Makkah, asking Allah to make him steadfast on his religion, to protect him, and to grant him further conviction in his beliefs. The Muslims returned to Madinah with the Messenger of Allah , their hearts enraged by the disbelievers and at the same time pitiful for the weak and oppressed Muslims. Thereafter, the oppression against the Muslims increased to an extent that they were unable to bear it any longer. Abu Jandal, his friend Abu Baseer and other oppressed Muslims decided to plan an escape for themselves. Abu Baseer managed to escape and instantly headed for Madinah, hoping to be in the company of the Messenger of Allah and his Companions. He continued to walk in the heat of the desert until he finally reached Madinah and headed for the Mosque. As the Prophet was sitting with his companions, there came to them Abu Baseer 528 Help by your speech if you cannot do so in any other way 81 upon whom the affects of torture were quite visible. He looked exhausted from his journey. He had not even managed regain his breath when two men from the disbelievers of Quraysh arrived and entered the Mosque.When Abu Baseer saw them, he became terrified and began recalling the torture he had undergone. The two men entered shouting, "O Muhammad! Return him to us according to the pact you signed with us!" The Prophet remembered the pact he had signed with the Quraysh where he had agreed to return to them whoever comes to him from Makkah. He order...
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