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but he was to be surprised at what he heard he heard

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Unformatted text preview: method and adhere to the straight path, then those who believe in different principles will never leave you alone. Whenever you refuse a bribe, the friends who are attempting to bribe you are angered. Whenever you refuse to indulge in illicit sexual relations, those who do indulge in them will become upset with you. 459 Temptations 71 It is related that `Umar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him was once on a night patrol. He passed by a house in the darkest part of the night and heard the people therein laughing and fooling around as if they were drunk. He did not wish to knock at their door at night and feared he might have wrongly assumed that they were drunk. He therefore wished to ascertain the matter. He therefore took a piece of coal, made a mark on the door, and left. The owner of the house heard something at the door, so he went out and noticed the mark. He looked up to see the back of `Umar and understood what had happened. What he should have done was to wipe out the mark and that would have been the end of the matter. But he didn't do that. Instead, he took the piece of coal and went to his neighbours' houses, leaving marks on their doors! It was as if he wanted the people to be as base as him by being drunk like him, instead of wanting to raise himself to their level! There is an idiom which says, "A fornicating woman wishes that all women fornicated like her." Sometimes you may find that a wife habitually lies to her husband. She has been cultured to be a habitual liar from a very young age. When she comes across someone who criticises her for that and advises her to speak the truth, she will try to drag her to her side of the fence. She would insist, "This is all you can do with men! You cannot live with them except by lying to them." Some women listening to this may begin to give up their principles and change while others may remain firm on their principles. 460 Temptations 71 The same can be said about a manager who treats his employees nicely because he believes that this attitude benefits the work, makes everyone feel at ease with e...
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