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but the man didnt listen he finally took a belt made

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Unformatted text preview: ghing and joking with him.The devil decided to play with their minds so he made them drink alcohol.When they became completely intoxicated, and the mother of all evils (i.e. alcohol) had dominated their minds, one of them began to act extremely foolishly. The Caliph turned to his gatekeeper, pointed to his companion, and said, "Kill him!" Whenever this Caliph passed an order, he was never asked to review his decision. The gatekeeper therefore grabbed his companion by his feet and dragged him out as he kept shouting and begging the Caliph for mercy. But the Caliph kept laughing and saying, "Kill him! Kill him!" He was executed and his body was dumped in an abandoned well. The next morning the Caliph woke up and desired someone's company, so he said, "Call my companion!" It was said, "We have killed him!" He said, "You have killed him? Why? Who ordered you to kill him?" They said, "You told us to kill him yesterday", then they told him the whole story. The Caliph remained silent, lowered his head in sorrow and said, "If only words were able to say to their speaker, `Please do not utter me!'" To return to our topic, how often it is that people repel others from themselves, make them resentful towards them, or manage to cause trouble for themselves by not controlling their tongues! Ibn al-Jawzi said, "It is amazing how many people are strong 500 Control your tongue 77 enough to abstain from consuming unlawful wealth, fornication and theft and yet are unable to abstain from moving their tongues. You will see such people speaking ill of others and unable to prevent themselves from doing so." Interestingly... Animals have long tongues, yet they cannot speak. Man has a relatively short tongue, yet he cannot keep silent. 501 (78) The key Flattery is the key to people's hearts. From the most fantastic of skills that one can exercise is to train himself to discover the positive points in people and praise them...
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