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fahd remained silent as they came closer to it the

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Unformatted text preview: ing an interesting story, only to be interrupted by another who would ruin the punch line in the story by commenting on something that does not even affect the main storyline. Do not be burdensome on others by commenting on everything you hear. I remember once when my brother, Su'ud, was seven years old, he entered the mosque for the `Isha prayer. It seemed as though he was in hurry and the Imam had been slightly late for leading the prayer. When he could bear the wait no longer, he went towards the mu'adhin, who was an old man with hearing problems, and stood behind him. He then pinched his nose to alter his voice and said, "Give the iqamah", and ran away! As soon as the mu'adhin heard this, he got up to say the Iqamah, but other attendees who were present stopped him and informed him of what happened. He sat down and began to look around in anger, hoping to see who the young boy was so that he could punish him. This was a very odd incident, but this is not the reason I mentioned it. I only mentioned it because one day I was sitting in a gathering where someone mentioned this incident and said, "Su'ud was in a hurry because he wanted to go to the sea with his father..." knowing that Riyadh is in the middle of a desert and not by the sea. I began to think, shall I ruin his story by commenting, or is this piece of information not important enough to affect 577 Wait and do not interrupt! 88 the story? Should I therefore not comment and thereby avoid making an enemy? I chose this option and remained silent. Sometimes you may comment on something without any comprehension. The person you may be criticising may have an excuse. Ziyad is a very kind person who is always eager to advise others. One day he stopped at a traffic light and noticed the sound of Western music. He wondered where the sound was coming from. He looked around and noticed that the sound was coming from the car next to him. The person in the car had turned the volume up so much that anyone from near or far...
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