Enjoy Your Life

he lowered his head and saiddear shaykh he has no

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Unformatted text preview: his friend of ours sat in the car, unaware that the car was in first gear.As soon as he turned the car on, it jumped forward and Tariq's knees were struck by the car bumpers, and he fell to the ground, whilst our friend in the car kept asking, "Shall I turn the engine on, again?" We moved the cars apart and helped Tariq walk. He was limping and his knees were in severe pain. What surprised me was that he did not increase his pain further by screaming and insulting, or even rebuking anyone. He simply smiled happily. What was the point in screaming, when the matter had finished and this friend of ours had realised his fault? Therefore, if you want to enjoy your life, then act in accordance with this principle: Do not pay attention to small matters. Often we torture and lash ourselves, and we feel upset, dis317 Self torture 45 tressed and in pain. But pain does not solve any problem. Suppose you go to a wedding party, wearing a beautiful garment and a beautiful headscarf with an `Iqal (a headband to keep the scarf in place), such that you look more handsome than the groom himself! You begin to shake hands with people, one-by-one, and suddenly there comes a child from behind you, holds on to the tip of your headscarf and pulls on it, making it fall along with the headband and the hat. You begin to look like a clown. What should you do in this situation? Many of us deal with such situations in a way that does not solve the problem. One may run after the child, screaming, insulting and cursing. The result? The child successfully achieves what he wanted, i.e. attracting attention, causing uproar and making people laugh. Some may even film the scene and exchange it with each others via Bluetooth! Here, you are not punishing the child, but actually only punishing yourself. Or suppose that you wear a new garment, for which you still haven't fully paid.You go to a company for a job interview.You go through one of the doors that has just been coated with paint. Next to it there is a warning sign, but you do not notice it. Accidentally, some of the paint rubs onto your garment...
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