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he replied no problem thus i moved in with my mother

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Unformatted text preview: n diverting people away from Allah's path!'" Thereafter, Khalid became one of the heads of this religion. Yet, his acceptance of Islam was due to an indirect message that reached him from the Messenger of Allah . How persevering and wise he was! Let us then adopt these skills in affecting people. If you were to see a person selling cigarettes in his shop and you wanted to caution him, praise his shop and its cleanliness first, and pray for increased blessings in his profit.Then you should caution him with respect to earning halaal income, so that he realises that you did not look at him negatively. Rather, you held the stick from the middle. 223 Hold the stick from the middle 33 Be clever! Look for whatever good you can find in a person in comparison to which his bad would seem insignificant. Think good of others, until they recognise your sense of justice towards them and love you more. In brief... When people realise that we pay attention to their good actions just as we pay attention to their bad actions, they appreciate our advice. 224 (34) Make it easy to rectify a fault Errors that people make vary. Some are huge while others are small. Irrespective of the magnitude of the errors, it is possible to rectify them all. Although, it might not be possible to completely rectify the bad consequences of an error, it is still possible to rectify a lot. Many people fail to rectify their faults since they doubt their own ability to rectify. Sometimes, the way we deal with others' faults happens to be part of the fault itself. For instance, if my son were to err, I may blame and belittle him, and magnify his fault so much that he may start thinking that he has fallen into a well out of which there is no escape! Hence, he loses hope in any chance of rectification, and therefore remains at fault. My wife may fall into an error, or my friend, and if you make him realise that he has indeed erred, but there is a way out, rectification is easy, and to return to the truth is better than persisting on falsehood, this would prove to be helpful in the...
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