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he said yes by allah this sword is fine i have used

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Unformatted text preview: d the booty was amassed in front of the Prophet , the Ansar began to look at it. Each of them was thinking about his hungry children and poor family, wishing that he may take a portion of the booty to comfort them with. However, they noticed that the Prophet called al-Aqra' bin Habis, who was a new Muslim that only just had embraced Islam in Makkah, and gave him a hundred camels. He then called Abu Sufyan and gave him a hundred camels, and continued to divide up the booty amongst the people of Makkah who had not sacrificed nearly as much as the Ansar had, nor fought like them. When the Ansar saw this, some of them said to each other, "May Allah forgive His Messenger. He is giving the booty to Quraysh and neglecting us, while our swords are still dripping with their blood!" When the leader of the Ansar, Sa'd bin `Ubadah saw this, he 518 The magician 80 visited the Messenger of Allah and said, "O Messenger of Allah, your companions from the Ansar seem to have ill feelings towards you." The Prophet was surprised and said, "Why is that?" Sa'd replied, "Due to the way you distributed the booty. You gave it to your people quite generously but didn't give the Ansar anything." The Prophet asked, "How do you feel about this, O Sa'd?" He replied, "O Messenger of Allah, who am I except a person from my people?" The Prophet realised that the situation needed a solution by fixing people's hearts rather than their pockets. He said, "Gather your people together." When they gathered, the Prophet came to them. He began with Allaah's praise, then said, "O Ansar, what is this news that has reached me?" They said, "As for our leaders, then they have not said anything, but some of the younger ones amongst us have said that may Allah forgive the Messenger of Allah who has given the booty to Quraysh and neglected us, while our swords are still drippling with their blood!" The Prophet replied, "O Ansar, were you not misguided and Allah guided you through me?" They sa...
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