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he then began to focus on the faces of the

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Unformatted text preview: ew Train yourself, for one hour's patience leads to victory. 452 (70) Steadiness on principles The stronger a person's personality is, and the firmer he remains on his principles and the more important he becomes. Your principles may include that you do not take a bribe, no matter how beautifully it is referred to it: a tip, a gift, a commission, and so on. Remain firm on your principles. A wife may have the principle of never lying to her husband, regardless of how beautified it may be made for her in order to get along with him by using white lies. Let her remain firm on her principles. Such principles include not maintaining unlawful relationships with the opposite gender and not drinking alcohol. If a person does not smoke and one day sits with his friends who are smokers, then let him remain firm on his principles. A person who sticks to his principles is seen as a hero, even if his friends pass judgement on him and accuse him of being difficult.You will find that many of these friends would certainly turn to him while facing great difficulties, or for advice concerning private matters. They would consider him to be a more important person than the others. This is not applicable for one gender in exclusion to the oth453 Steadiness on principles 70 er. Rather, it applies equally to men and women. Be firm in your principles and do not waiver, or else people will subdue you. When Islam became dominant and tribes began sending envoys to the Messenger of Allah , an envoy from the Thaqif tribe came with ten-odd men. When they arrived, the Messenger of Allah brought them to the mosque so they may hear the Qur'an. They asked him about usury, fornication and alcohol, so he informed that they were forbidden. They also had an idol which they would honour and worship following their forefathers which was named ar-Rabbah (i.e. goddess) and they used to describe it as at-Taghiyah (the tyrant). They had concocted various stories and tales about it to convince people of its streng...
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