Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

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Unformatted text preview: e against me in the darkest hours of the night were even more serious...' I said, `I see. Go ahead' He said, `I went to look for her until I found her. I visited her and cried and begged her to forgive me. I stayed with her until she accepted my compensation for her land. She then prayed for me and forgave me. By Allah, as soon as she lowered her hands after praying, my hand felt better. The businessman then looked down, raised his head again and said, `her prayer affected me the way no medicine could.'" They say... As you sleep, the oppressed remains alert. He prays against you, while Allah's eyes never sleep. 486 (75) Do not gain enemies You will find as you deal with people that everyone has a different natur e. Some are very angry while others are very cold. Some are intelligent while others are foolish. Some are learned while others are ignorant. Some have good opinions of others while others do not. The oppressor always forgets about those whom he has oppressed and thinks he is the most just of all people. The foolish person thinks he is the most intelligent of all people. The senseless person thinks he is the wisest person in the world! I recall when I was a young man although I still think I am one when I was at the beginning of my secondary education, there came to us a very cumbersome guest. I don't know if he had even finished his primary education or not, But what I can say for sure is that he could read and write.When he came, I was busy with a religious issue for which I was trying to find a solution. I offered him what I would offer to any other guest. I then took the phone and tried to contact Shaykh Abd al-`Aziz bin Baz may Allah have mercy on him to ask him for an answer, but the Shaykh was not there. This guest noticed that I am extremely busy and asked,"Who 487 Do not gain enemies 75 are you trying to call?" I said, "Shaykh Ibn Baz. I need to ask him an important question." He said to me with great confidence, "SubhanAllah! You are asking Ibn Baz, whilst I am alive...
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