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he then turned to the bedouin and said isnt that so

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Unformatted text preview: red for the pious ones. Where then is the hellfire?" The Prophet said, "SubhanAllah! Where is the night when the morning has come?" Al-Tanukhi realised that this was the second thing Heraclius asked to take note of. He took an arrow from his quiver and made a note of it on his sword. When Mu`awiyyah had finished reading the letter,the Prophet turned to al-Tanukhi, the man who did not take the Prophet's advice by not embracing Islam, and said to him with all kindness, "You have rights, for you are a messenger. If you see anything you would like to take as a gift, we would grant it to you. But we happen to be travellers sitting on sand!" Meaning, I wish I could give you a gift, but as you see, we are travelling and sitting on sand! `Uthman may Allah be pleased with him said, "I will give him something, O Messenger of Allah!" `Uthman got up and unpacked the side of his saddle and returned with a robe and a garment and placed it in al-Tanukhi's lap. Then the noble Prophet said, "Which one of you would like to take this man?" meaning, which one of you would like to host him. "I will," a young man from the Ansaar replied. The Ansaari got up to leave and al-Tanukhi followed him, 242 The other opinion 35 whilst he was still thinking of the third thing Heraclius asked him to notice, i.e. the seal of Prophethood between the shoulders of the Prophet . Al-Tanukhi had only walked a few steps that suddenly he heard the Prophet call out to him, "Come here, O brother of Tanukh!" Al-Tanukhi turned around and rushed back to the Prophet until he was standing in front of him. The Prophet then untied the knot and dropped his garment from his back to reveal his back to al-Tanukhi and said, "Here you go! Take note of what you were ordered to take note of." Al-Tanukhi said, "I looked at his back and noticed a seal between his shoulders, which looked quite large." (Musnad Ahmad. Ibn Kathir commented that the chain...
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