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he then turned to the young man and said very

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Unformatted text preview: kes. But as for Mu`adh bin Jabal , then he was from the closest of the Companions to the Prophet , and the most eager of them to learn. The way the Prophet would deal with him would differ from the way he would deal with anyone else. Mu`adh would pray `Isha with the Prophet , and then return to his people to lead them in `Isha in their mosque. Hence, the second prayer for him would be voluntary but obligatory for those praying behind him. One night, Mu`adh returned to his people, entered the mosque and initiated the prayer. A young man also entered the mosque and joined the congregation. When Mu`adh finished al-Fatihah by saying,"walad-daalleen" and the people said, "Ameen", Mu'adh began to recite Surah al-Baqarah! It needs stating that in those days, people would tirelessly work in the fields and with their cattle all day long.They would impatiently wait for `Isha so they could go to sleep. The young man joined the congregation as Mu`adh continued to recite. When the prayer became too long for him to bear, he isolated himself from the congregation, finished the prayer on his own, and left the mosque for his house. When Mu`adh finished 103 Use the right flavour 17 the prayer, some people said to him,"O Mu`adh, so-and-so joined our congregation, but since your prayer was too long he left." Mu`adh became angry and said, "He has the disease of hypocrisy! I will inform the Prophet about him!" They told the young man what Mu`adh had said. He replied, "And indeed, I too will inform the Prophet of what he has done!" They went to the Prophet and Mu'adh told him what the young man had done. The man replied, "O Messenger of Allah, he stays with you for a long time, and then comes to us and prays for a long time. By Allah, O Messenger of Allah, we go late to the prayer knowing that Mu`adh will prolong the prayer." The Prophet asked Mu`adh, "What do you recite?" Mu`adh informed the Prophet that he would recite alBaqarah and other long Surahs. The Prophet became angry when he...
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