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he threw down the bone took his sword pressed

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Unformatted text preview: engers out of the car and called an 263 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 ambulance.The truck driver sat there waiting for the ambulances to arrive. He began to think about what might happen to him from imprisonment or having to pay blood-money. He began to think about his young children and his wife. Poor man! His worries heaped onto him like a mountain. The people began to verbally attack him as they passed by. Astonishing! Was this the time to heap criticism on the poor fellow? Could it not have been delayed a little, until the driver came out of his shock? One of them said, "Why do you drive fast? This is the result of speeding!" The other said, "I have no doubt you were sleepy, and despite that you continued driving! Why didn't you stop the car and sleep?" Yet a third person said, "People like you should never be given a driving license!" People were making these comments very harshly, screaming violently. All the while, the man was sitting silently on a rock with his head in his hands, and suddenly, he fell to his side - dead. They killed him by the spontaneity and ruthlessness of their criticisms. If only they had waited a little, it would have been better for him and them. Place yourself in the shoes of the one who is criticised, the one who is wrong, and think from his point of view. If you were to be in his place, you would probably make a mistake bigger than his. 264 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 The Prophet was always conscious of this. When the Prophet with his Companions departed from Khaybar, they travelled for a long time until they became tired. When evening approached, they stopped at a place to sleep. The Prophet said,"Who would make sure that we wake up for Fajr so we may sleep in peace?" Bilal may Allah be pleased with him who was very eager, said, "I shall wake you up, O Messenger of Allah!" The Messenger of Allah then lied down, as did the people and they all fell asleep. Bilal stood up and prayed until he became t...
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