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he went out of the classroom shook the hand of the

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Unformatted text preview: t;When you are pleased you say: `No, by the Lord of Muhammad! And when you are angry you say: `No, by the Lord 115 Choose the right topics 18 of Ibrahim!'' She said, "Yes, by Allah, O Messenger of Allah! But I do not put aside anything except your name!" Do we take these factors into consideration today? A point of view... Talk about what others like to hear, not what you like to relate. 116 (19) Be kind at the first meeting It was the habit in some rural areas of old Egypt that a groom before his wedding night would hide a cat in his room. On the wedding night, when alone with his wife, he would move a chair slightly to so as to free the cat. He would then demonstrate his might to his wife by getting hold of the poor cat and strangling it to death! Why? So that the first impression of him imprinted in the mind of his wife would be one of awe! When I graduated from university and took up a position as an instructor at a college, a senior instructor advised me, saying, "Be stern with the students during your first lesson and stare at them with furious eyes so they will be in awe of you from the very beginning." I remembered this as I was writing this chapter and realised that one thing everyone would agree upon is that the first meeting imprints 70% of an impression on one's mind. This is referred to as the "first impressions." A group of officers once travelled to the USA to attend a training program on interpersonal skills in the work environment. On the first day, they arrived early to the classroom and began chatting in order to get to know one other. Suddenly, the instructor walked in and they fell silent. The instructor's eyes fell upon a student who was still smiling. 117 Be kind at the first meeting 19 "Why are you laughing?" He screamed. The student replied: "I'm sorry, I wasn't laughing." "You were!" screamed the instructor, and chastised him further, saying, "You are not a serious student! You should return to your family on the next available flight! I cannot teach your likes!" The po...
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