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he will say you certainly did allah will ask so what

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Unformatted text preview: of the rules of Shari'ah, saying, "For the one who is killed in the act of manslaughter with a whip or a stick, the blood-money for his life is a hundred camels, forty of them pregnant." He carried on with his sermon and looked at the leaders of the Quraysh and said, "O Quraysh! Allah has ridden you of pre-Islamic pride, and the pride in your forefathers. Men are descendants of Adam and Adam is made from dust!" He then recited, "O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Indeed, the most honourable of you with Allah is the most God-fearing of you. Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing, All- Aware." He then began to focus on the faces of the disbelievers, as he was at the pinnacle of strength and dominion standing by the door of the Ka'bah, while the disbelievers were in the depths of disgrace and weakness. This was the place where they had rejected and humiliated him. This was the place where they had dropped filth over his head whilst he prostrated.Today, the disbelievers of the Quraysh were standing in front of him, defeated, disgraced and humiliated. He said, "O Quraysh! What do you think I will do to you now?" They rose up and said, "You will be good to us. You are an honourable brother to us, and the son of an honourable brother." Amazing! Had they forgotten what they used to do to this honourable brother? Had they forgotten about their insults: 464 Forgiving others 72 `Crazy, magician, soothsayer?' If he really was an honourable brother and the son of an honourable brother, then why did they wage war against him? What about the torture they had inflicted upon the weak and poor Muslims? Bilal was standing there. Right in front of them! The marks on his body were still vivid! There was the tree where Sumayyah was murdered along with Yasir! Here was their son, `Ammar ,with the Muslims! Yet, today they were saying, "Honourable brother"? What about their boycott of the Prophet a...
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