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how beautiful is this expression especially if you

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Unformatted text preview: how successful one becomes, he would irrevocably remain human, and dance to words of praise. 186 (28) Only pass comment on what is good Some people are overzealously in making observations and passing comments. They do not seem to ever stop praising or being complimentary. However, as the old saying goes, "When something transgresses the limits, it becomes its opposite", or "whoever hurries for something before its due time, is often punished by being deprived thereof." Do praise things that are beautiful and charming - things over which a person feels happy when they are noticed, where he expects admiration and is moved upon hearing words of praise. As for things that people usually feel embarrassed about, or feel mortified upon noticing, then close your eyes to those. For example: you enter your friend's house and notice that the chairs are very old. Be careful that you do not become an irritating person who cannot cease to offer his unwanted advice. Be careful and do not let your tongue slip by saying: "Why don't you buy new chairs? Half of the chandelier is not functional. Why don't you buy a new one? The paint on your wall is peeling! Why don't you paint the wall?" Dear brother, he did not ask you for your advice. You are not a professional decorator whose advice should be sought. 187 Only pass comment on what is good 28 Remain silent. Perhaps he is not able to change the decoration. Perhaps he is financially restricted, and so on. None is more cumbersome than a man who embarrasses people by noticing things that humiliate him, and then rouses the topic and begins to pass comments. Similarly, if his garments were to be old, or his car air-conditioner was not working, then either speak good, or remain silent. They say that a man once visited his friend. His friend, being the host, gave him bread to eat with oil. The guest then said, "If only there was thyme with the bread!" The host then went to his family and asked for some thyme, but found out...
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