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how excellent it is for a man to realise his limited

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Unformatted text preview: begins to insult your women and you simply sit there, listening to all of this! Do you not have a sense of honour for your people?" Al-`Abbas became zealous and excited and said, "By Allah! If Abu Jahl says that again, I will do this and that!" Three days after `Atika's nightmare, al-`Abbas entered the mosque in anger. Upon entering the mosque he saw Abu Jahl and decided to go to him to respond to his words. However, he noticed Abu Jahl leaving the mosque in hurry and was surprised. He had been ready to argue and quarrel with him. Al-`Abbas said to himself, "What is wrong with him? May Allah curse him! Is he rushing out because he is afraid that I will insult him?" However, Abu Jahl had heard the voice of Dhamdham bin `Amr al-Ghifari, who was sent by Abu Sufyan to seek the aid of the people of Makkah. Dhamdham was shouting from the valley, mounted on his camel. He had inflicted injury on the camel's nose such that it was bleeding. He had torn up his shirt and was shouting, "O Quraysh! The merchandise! The merchandise! Your merchandise is with Abu Sufyan, which is going to be intercepted by Muhammad and his companions! I don't see you coming to 405 Keeping a secret 60 their aid in time!" He then shouted at the top of his voice, "Help! Help!" The Quraysh then prepared for the battle and marched forth, and the defeat and the humiliation they endured in the end is something well known. Consider how a secret was spread in the blinking of an eye, despite of all the efforts to keep it a secret! Another story about disclosing the secrets is when `Umar may Allah be pleased with him accepted Islam and wanted to spread the news far and wide. He approached a man who was well known for spreading news. He said, "O so-and-so, I am going to tell you a secret, so please keep my secret!" He said, "What is your secret?" `Umar replied, "I have accepted Islam, so be careful that you do not inform anyone!" As soon as `Umar left him,...
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