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how excellent was umar how excellent was the

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Unformatted text preview: solve his own problem. He decided to give him examples with which he could easily discover the answer to his problem. But what kind of example should he have given him? The example of trees? Or bees? Or the Persians and the Romans? The Prophet looked at him and noticed that he was a Bedouin who looked very confused due to all the thoughts that were coming to his mind about his wife. The Prophet said, "Do you have any camels?" 208 Do not be dictatorial 32 "Yes", said the man. The Prophet said, "What is their colour?" He said, "Red." The Prophet said, "Is there any black amongst them?" "No", he replied. The Prophet said, "Is there any grey amongst them?" "Yes", the man replied. The Prophet said, "From where did that come?" Meaning; so long as they are all red, male and female, and not a single one of them is of any different colour, how did a red camel give birth to a grey camel, which happens to be different to that of the mother and the father? The man thought for a while and said, "Perhaps it is due to heredity". Meaning; it is possible that one of its ancestors was grey. Hence, the grey colour remained in the lineage, and was inherited by this baby camel. Then the Prophet said, "Perhaps, your son has also inherited this colour because of heredity." (Muslim and Ibn Majah) The man heard the response, thought for a while and discovered that he came to a conclusion himself. He felt satisfied and certain of the response, and went back to his wife. On another occasion, the Prophet sat with his Companions and began to inform them about various good actions. Amongst the things he mentioned was that he said, "In the intimacy of one of you is charity"; meaning for one of you to have intercourse with his wife is an action that carries a reward from Allah. 209 Do not be dictatorial 32 Upon hearing this, the Companions became surprised and said, "O Messenger of Allah, one of us comes to his wife to fulfil his desire, and for that he would be rewarded?" The Prophet then responded in a way which made them feel that t...
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