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how wonderful is this approach that one can correct

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Unformatted text preview: y Allah have mercy on her. The Prophet was listening attentively, while responding positively and showing his interest and enjoyment as `A'ishah spoke. He did not exhibit signs of boredom, despite being tired and busy. When `A'ishah -may Allah be pleased with her- finished her story, in order to show that he had understood the story, and that he was listening to her and not lost in another world as she was relating it, he said to her in response, "I am to you like Abu 373 Between the living and the dead 54 Zar' is to Umm Zar'.'' So we agree on the importance of showing kindness and concern for others. From now on, if your son comes to you dressed in a beautiful garment, saying, "What do you think, dear father?" Respond to him positively and say, "SubhanAllah! How beautiful!" Whoever it may be, your daughter, wife, husband, son or colleague, and whoever you may mix with, be lively and responsive. Sometimes you may forget an incident. For instance, if a person says to you, "Good news! My father has recovered from his illness!" Don't respond with, "Actually, when did he fall ill?" Say, "Alhamdulillah! May Allah give him a great reward and good health. You made me happy by delivering this news, may Allah make you happy!" Or, if one were to say, "My brother came out prison." Don't say to him, "By Allah, I didn't even know he was in prison." Respond positively by saying,"Al-hamdulillah, this is very good news. May Allah always keep you happy!" Lastly, dear reader, encouragement and responding positively works even with the animals. Abu Bakr al-Raqi said, "I was in the desert and I passed by an Arab tribe. There, a man from amongst them took me into his tent as a guest. In the tent, I saw a black slave bound in chains. I also noticed some dead camels in front of the house. There was only one camel left which was about to die. The slave said to me, `You are a guest and you have rights 374 Between the living and the dead 54 over...
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