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i laughed and said i see so what did you do then he

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Unformatted text preview: forward and fought until he was killed may Allah be pleased with him. The flag fell once again and the Muslims became confused, whilst the disbelievers rejoiced. All the while, the flag was being trampled all over under the dust. Suddenly, there came the brave Companion, Thabit bin Arqam and he raised the flag once again and shouted,"O Muslims! I have the flag! Choose your leader!" They shouted back at him, "You be the leader!" "I will not!" replied Thabit. They then suggested Khalid bin al-Walid, and when he took the flag, he fought fiercely, so much so that he would say afterwards, "Nine swords were broken in my hand on the day of Mu'tah, until nothing was left in my hand except a Yemeni sword." Khalid then withdrew with the army into their camps, as did the Romans. Khalid also feared returning to Madinah with the army the same night, in case the Romans followed them. Hence, 269 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 when they woke up, Khalid changed the positions of the army by switching the rear division with the front, and right flank with the left. When the battle commenced and the Romans came forth, every division from them noticed new flags and banners amongst the Muslims and new faces. They became confused and said, "Perhaps, they received reinforcements last night", and became panic-stricken. The Muslims managed to kill a great number of them, whilst only twelve men were killed from amongst the Muslims. Khalid then retreated with the army by the evening and continued his way back to Madinah. When they arrived in Madinah, they saw the children racing towards them. When the women met them, they began to throw dust in the face of the army saying, "You fleers! Do you run away while fighting in the path of Allah?" When the Prophet heard this, since he knew that they had no choice and did all they could, he said in their defence, "They do not run away! They will turn around and attack, if Allah wills!" This was the end of the matter for him. Surely, they were all brave men who did not fall short of their duty, but they were still...
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