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i left their room contemplating their state and

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Unformatted text preview: ring up clothes, and shaving the head, etc. Why? Because the way to deal with the dead is by washing the body, covering it in a shroud, praying over it, then burying it in the grave and praying for the deceased. Screaming and wailing serves no purpose, except that it turns the joy of life into grief. Once al-Ma'afi bin Sulayman was walking with his companion, and his companion turned to him, frowned and said, "How cold it is today!" Al-Ma'afi said,"Have you warmed up now?' "No", he replied. Al-Ma'afi said,"So what was the point of complaining? If you had glorified Allah, at least it would have been better for you." And how accurate was his understanding and wisdom! Live your life... Do not expose problems you are unaware of, and do not expound on small matters. Simply continue to enjoy your life. 324 (47) Do not kill yourself by grief Sa'd was a student of mine at the university. Once he was absent for a whole week, so when I met him, I said, "I hope everything is fine, Sa'd?" "Nothing's wrong at all, I was just a little busy", Sa'd replied. It was obvious that he was grief stricken. I said to him, "What's the news?" He replied, "My son is ill. He has an injured liver, and a few days ago he also contracted blood poisoning. Also, just yesterday I was shocked to hear that the poisoning has now reached the brain." I said, "There is no might or strength except by Allah! Have patience! I pray to Allah that He cures him. And if Allah were to decree anything for him (i.e. death), I ask Allah to make him your intercessor on the Day of Resurrection." He replied, "Intercessor? Dear Shaykh, my son is not that young." "How old is he?" I asked. "Seventeen years old", he replied. I said, "I pray to Allah that He cures him and bless his broth325 Do not kill yourself by grief 47 ers." He lowered his head and said,"Dear Shaykh, he has no brothers. I have not been blessed with any more c...
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