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i remembered this as i was writing this chapter and

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Unformatted text preview: them, "O Lord, bestow good on them in abundance and make not their life one of toil and trouble." It wasn't long before the Prophet went out on an expedition with Julaybib accompanying him. After the battle, people began searching for those missing. The Prophet asked them, "Have you lost anyone?" They said, "I have lost so-and-so." He remained silent for a while and then asked again, "Are you missing anyone?" They said, "We are missing so-and-so." He remained 114 Choose the right topics 18 silent for a while and then asked again, "Have you lost anyone?" and they replied, "Yes, so-and-so." The Prophet then said, "I have lost Julaybib." The Companions began to search for him amongst the dead but did not find him on the battlefield.They then found him nearby, next to seven pagans whom he had killed before being killed himself. The Prophet stood watching his body and said, "He killed seven and then he was killed. He killed seven and then he was killed. He is of me and I am of him." The Prophet took him in his arms and ordered the Companions to dig a grave for him. Anas said, "As we dug the grave, Julaybib was resting in the arms of Allah's Messenger , until the grave was dug and he placed Julaybib in it. By Allah, there was no previously married woman amongst the Ansaar who received more proposals after that than Julaybib's wife." This is how the Prophet would decide on the appropriate topic of conversation, so as to not bore his guests. One day, he was sitting with his wife `A'ishah. What would be the most appropriate subject to talk about with one's wife? Did he speak to her about the expedition of Rome? The types of weapons used in battles? No, for she was not Abu Bakr. Did he speak to her about poor Muslims and their needs? No, for she was not `Uthman. Rather, he said to her, lovingly, "I know when you are pleased with me and when you are angry." "How is that?" She replied He said, &quo...
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