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i said excellent did you do it then he said well i

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Unformatted text preview: the next, whilst his family had absolutely no knowledge of it. He would have a shop that he would go to at sunrise taking 437 To worship in secret 65 with him his breakfast and lunch. If it was the day he was fasting, he would give his food in charity. If it was the day he was not fasting, he would eat the food. After sunset, he would return to his family and have dinner with them. Yes! They would endeavour to make their acts of worship solely for Allah.They are the ones who are truly pious and about whom Allah says, "Indeed! For the duteous is achievement - Gardens enclosed and vineyards, and full-breasted maidens of companions; And a full cup.There hear they never vain discourse, nor lying - Requital from thy Lord - a gift in payment." Seek the love of the Creator, and He will place in the hearts of the creation the love for you. Enlightenment... The objective is not to make people love you superficially, but they should really love you in their hearts. 438 (66) Take them out of the ditch Has it ever happened to you that a person humiliated you publicly by insulting or ridiculing you about anything, even if it be about something as minor as your clothes, your words or your manners, such that your face changed colour as your discomfort became visible? But then, suddenly, another person came to your defence and you felt greatly indebted to him for helping you? Perhaps it was as if he had grabbed hold of your clothes to rescue you just as someone else tried to push you into a ditch. Practise this skill with others and you will see it having wondrous effects. You visit a person and notice his son coming with a plate of food, and while in the process of doing so, he hurries and nearly drops it. His father becomes angry at him and screams, "Why the hurry? How many times must I tell you not to hurry?" You notice that the son's face turns red with embarrassment. You say, "No. Don't say that. He's the man! MashaAllah, look at him, he is carrying all of this by himself. Maybe he hurried because he needs to tend to som...
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