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if he is someone who has consid 146 the keys to

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Unformatted text preview: e put his foot on the accelerator swerved close to the one's car, and dangerously overtook, but nobody was hurt. The young man became furious, he was the type who would get angry over much less than this, and put his foot on the accelerator to catch up with the car that had overtaken him. He began to shout and gesture at the car so that its driver would stop, which he did. He then placed his headscarf on the passenger seat, grabbed a spanner, and got out of the car. He was visibly fuming as he walked towards the car. Suddenly, he saw three 143 Mu'awiyah's hair 21 muscular men jump out of the other car and run towards him. They had seen him with the spanner in his hand and realised he wanted to fight.When he saw them running towards him he was terrified, and when he realised they had noticed the spanner in his hand, he slowly raised it and said, "I apologise. I just wanted to let you know that this spanner dropped out of your car!" One of the men took the spanner and the three men returned to their car as the young man waved goodbye! Equation... Ill temper + Ill temper = Fireworks! 144 (22) The keys to hearts Every door has a key. The key to open people's hearts is to know their personalities, solve their problems, reconcile between them, benefit from their good and keep safe from their evil. One will become an expert in all these skills if he knows their personalities. Suppose an argument took place between a father and son due to which the father ordered the son to leave the house. The son then tried to return but the father persistently refused. You then get involved in order to reconcile between the two and remind the father of the religious texts pertaining to this issue and warn him about the sin of breaking the ties of kinship. However, he does not accept your advice, so you decide to use a different approach. You know that he has a very emotional personality and therefore go to him and say, "Won't you have mercy on your son? He sleeps on the floor without any roof to cove...
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