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if you follow this advice you may subsequently

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Unformatted text preview: it, and then wiped over it and began to pour the water from her container into our utensils. All forty of us drank from it until our thirst was quenched. We filled our utensils with water and left hers, which now carried more water than they did before. "The Prophet then said,`Bring what you have (i.e., of food).' We collected pieces of bread and dates for her. The Prophet said: `Take this to your family, and know that we have not decreased your water at all; it is only that Allah has quenched our thirst.' "The woman then mounted her camel happily after receiving food and went home.When she returned, she said: `I met a magician, or perhaps a prophet as they claim...' "Her family were amazed at her story with the Prophet , and it wasn't long before they all accepted Islam.'" (al-Bukhari and Muslim) This woman was amazed by the Prophet's treatment and generosity in her very first meeting with him. One day, a man came to the Prophet asking him for material aid. The Prophet gave him a portion of his cattle. The man returned to his people and said, "Accept Islam, for Muhammad gives like a man who doesn't fear poverty!" Anas said, "The man would come to the Prophet solely for worldly reasons, but afterwards his religion became more precious to him than the whole world and all that exists therein." (Muslim) 122 Be kind at the first meeting 19 A suggestion... The first meeting imprints 70% of the impression that one has of a person on his mind.Thus, one should treat a person as if it is the first and last time he will ever meet him. 123 (20) People are like the minerals of the earth If we reflect upon our experiences with others, we find that people have different natures like the varying nature of the land. There are those who are soft, and those who are hard. There are those who are generous, like a fertile land, and those who are miserly, like a barren field that can neither hold water, nor produce fruit. People, therefore, differ immensely. On reflection, we know that various terrains are traversed in different ways.The manner in which so...
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