Enjoy Your Life

in another narration it is reported that he said o

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Unformatted text preview: dience, who were in turn were greatly affected. Although I did not turn around to look at the people, I could still hear people crying and sighing "SubhanAllah!" Fayiz eventually finished his lecture and got up, as Abu `Abdullah held his hand. The audience came to him to greet him. I saw him greeting them and it was obvious to me that he treated everyone equally. He greeted everyone and did not distinguish between rich and poor, leaders and followers. I thought to myself that if only all people were like Fayiz! Abu `Abdullah took Fayiz out of the mosque. I walked by their side as they made their way to the car. I saw Fayiz and the translator joking with each other and thought to myself how insignificant this world was! How many people have not been afflicted with a quarter of Fayiz's problems, and yet they are still 495 The tongue is king 76 unable to overcome their sadness and sorrow! How about those who have chronic illnesses, such as kidney failure, paralysis, thrombus, diabetes or other impediments? Why don't they enjoy their lives and learn to live with the reality? How wonderful it is when Allah afflicts His servant and then looks into his heart to find that he is still thankful, pleased and yearning for his reward from Him! Many days have passed, and yet Fayiz's picture is still embedded in my memory. If Fayiz can be so successful in life and earn the love of people being blind, dumb and deaf, then how about the one who has been blessed with a tongue, sight and hearing? Use your tongue to gain people's love! Reality... A man's flesh is not fit for eating nor is his skin fit for clothing - there is nothing in him except the sweetness of his tongue. 496 (77) Control your tongue A person may utter a callus word that displeases Allah for which He will be angry with him until the day He meets him.This is why the Prophet warned people from uttering something callously without contemplating its consequences. Not controlling the tongue may lead one to his own destruction. Guard your tongue, O man! Don't let it...
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