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in the past some disbelievers tried to make the

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Unformatted text preview: She said, `I will give him some dates.' He said to her, `If you were to fail to give anything to him, one act of lying would have been recorded against you.'" (Abu Dawud, Hasan) If the Prophet ever found out that someone in his household had lied, he would remain aloof from them forever. Many a time, people are pushed to lie in order to paint a more beautiful picture of themselves. Thus, you would find them lying about their courage, or inventing their own chronicles, or adding to the truth to make it more interesting, or claiming to be talented when they are not. You will find the liar making promises and breaking them. When he makes blunders, he will make up excuses, only for his lies to be discovered by others sooner rather than later. 448 Honesty 68 Once, al-Imam az-Zuhri stood in front of the ruler of his time and gave his testimony over an issue. The ruler said, "You have lied!" Az-Zuhri screamed, "I seek refuge in Allah! Would I lie? By Allah, if someone were to call from the heavens that Allah has made lying permissible, then I still would not lie! How can I then lie when it is haram?" Reality They deceived you when they said that it was only a white lie, because a lie is always black in colour. 449 (69) Bravery Someone said to me once after we had just left a wedding party, "Believe me, I know the name of the Companion whose story you mentioned and whose name you did not remember." I said, "Amazing! Why didn't you mention his name, then? You surely saw me confused and trying hard to remember his name!" He hung his head down and said, "I was too shy to speak." I said to myself, "How dreadful is cowardice!" Another person I know used to teach the final-year students at a secondary school with me. I met him one day and he said to me, "A couple of days ago I entered the classroom and noticed the students sitting silently, while the teacher was simply sitting on his chair instead of teaching. I sat down and asked the one next to me: `...
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