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meaning it was neither an honourable death nor was

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Unformatted text preview: He would tell the third person, "Come after a couple of days and you will find a letter addressed to the hospital ready", and so on. They would return to him as promised, but he would excuse himself and give them another appointment, until he began to avoid them. He would not answer his phone calls and often not even leave his house! When one of them would meet him by chance, he would insult him and shout, "OK, but why did you promise me? Why did you raise my hopes?" The second person would say,"I did not speak to anyone else only because you had promised me!" When I saw his situation, I realised that he had dug a hole for 414 Do not burden yourself with what you cannot do 62 himself and fallen therein. I once heard him excusing himself to someone, "I am sorry. I haven't been able to do anything regarding your case", while the person would reply in anger, "OK, but you wasted my time! Why didn't you tell me before?" There I remembered a wise saying, "Excusing oneself at the outset is far better than excusing oneself at the end." How excellent it is for a man to realise his limited abilities and to move within those limits? Allah teaches us this lesson and says, "Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear", and also says, "Allah does not burden a soul more than what He has given it." The Prophet also forbade that a man should burden himself with more than what he can bear. I have experienced this myself. I remember once giving a lecture in a police convention in Riyadh. After the lecture, one of them came to me and said, "Dear Shaykh, I need your help regarding a very important matter." I said, "Go ahead, what is it?" He said,"I cannot tell you now, but we must meet again when we have more time." He was speaking as if the matter was very important as I listened with interest. My life has taught me that many people give a lot more importance to issues than they deserve. Thi...
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