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meaning that allahs mercy was enormous enough to

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Unformatted text preview: is if the advice is presented in an appropriate manner, as people do not all react the same way when advised. Once, the Prophet was sitting in a blessed gathering of his and speaking to his companions, meanwhile, a man entered the mosque, looking to his left and right. Then, instead of sitting in the Prophet's circle, he headed for a corner of the mosque and began to undo his lower garment. The people were left in suspense as to what he is going to do next.Then, to their horror, he raised his lower garment, sat down quite calmly and began to urinate! 99 Use the right flavour 17 The Companions were shocked and exploded upon seeing him urinate in the mosque. They were about to rush towards him, but the Prophet asked them to stay seated and keep their calm; he said, "Do not interrupt him!" The Companions watched as he urinated and perhaps he wasn't even aware of them looking on! The Prophet , as he witnessed the scene a man urinating in the mosque continued to calm his Companions down. How forbearing he was! When the Bedouin had finished and stood up to tie his garment around his waist, the Prophet called him gently. The Bedouin came and stood in front of the Prophet . The Prophet said, "The mosques are not built for this purpose. They are only built for prayers and reading of the Qur'an." This was end of his brief advice. The man understood the Prophet's words and left.When the time for prayer came, the Bedouin came and prayed along with them. The Prophet initiated the prayer with his Companions by saying "Allahu Akbar". He then recited and bowed. When he raised up from bowing, he said, "Allah hears the one who praises Him." The Companions said, "Our Lord, to you belong all the praise!" Except that this man added, "O Allah, have mercy on me and Muhammad, and no one else!" The Prophet heard him, and when the prayer finished, he turned around and asked who said those words. The Companions pointed out the man to him, so...
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