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muslim 122 be kind at the first meeting 19 a

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Unformatted text preview: sh the prayers, to give in charity, and to give a fifth of the war booty in charity." I also forbid you from four; from drinking from ad-Dubba, anNaqir, (pitched water skins), az-Zuruf, al-Muzaffat and al-Hantam (names of utensils used for the preparation of alcoholic drinks).' (al-Bukhari) 120 Be kind at the first meeting 19 On another occasion, the Prophet was travelling with a group of his Companions at night. They travelled for a long time until the last part of the night fell upon them, and they decided to stop over and sleep. They were overcome by deep sleep until sunrise. The first one to awaken was Abu Bakr, and then `Umar. Abu Bakr sat next to the Prophet and began to say "Allahu Akbar" aloud until the Prophet also woke up and prayed Fajr with his Companions. When he had not finished the prayer, he realised that one of the Companions had not joined them. The Prophet said, `What prevented you from praying with us?' He replied, "I had a wet-dream and didn't find water to bathe with." The Prophet ordered him to perform Tayammum with dust.The Companion then prayed and thereafter they continued on their journey, and none of them had any water. On the way they became extremely thirsty and were unable to find any well or water. `Imran bin Husayn said, "As we were travelling, we found a woman on a camel with two leather sacks (filled with water). We said to her: `Where can we find water?' She said: `There is no water here.' We said: `How far away is the water from your house?' She said: `One whole day.' We said: `Go to the Messenger of Allah .' She said: `What is a Messenger of Allah?!' "We took her with us to Allah's Messenger in the hope that she would tell us the location of the water.The Prophet asked her about the water and she responded with what she had responded to us earlier, and further complained that she had orphans to look after. The Prophet took hold of her water con- 121 Be kind at the first meeting 19 tainer, mentioned Allah's name on...
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