Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

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Unformatted text preview: What's wrong?' He replied: `Our classmate `Asaf passed away yesterday. May Allah have mercy on him.' There were a number of `Asaf's friends in the class who didn't pray and were engaged in many prohibited actions. They were all clearly affected by what they had heard. I thought to 450 Bravery 69 myself that perhaps I should say a few words in admonition and encourage them to pray, be dutiful to their parents and improve themselves." I said, "Excellent! Did you do it then?" He said, "Well, I didn't, as I felt too shy to." I remained silent, suppressed my annoyance and said to myself, "How dreadful is cowardice!" You ask a woman, "Why don't you be frank with your husband about the subject?" She replies, "I am shy! I fear he might become upset with me or not speak to me! I am fearful..." How dreadful is cowardice! You ask a young man, "Why didn't you tell your father about the problem before it became worse?" He said, "I was scared... I didn't have the guts..." Some of them may even raise your blood-pressure by saying, "I am too shy to smile... I am too embarrassed to praise him... I fear people might say: `He is too courteous and light-hearted.'" I hear about such behaviour too often - such that I wish I could scream, "O cowards! For how long will you remain so?" A coward can never attain glory. He is always negative. If he attends a gathering, he wears the cloak of cowardice and never participates in a discussion. If a joke is mentioned, people laugh and make comments, but he simply hangs his head down and smiles. When he attends a gathering, no one even feels his presence. It makes it even worse for him to be a father, a husband, or 451 Bravery 69 a director, or even a wife or a mother and be a coward. People universally dislike cowardice. It is never respected. So train yourself to be brave when giving a lecture or advice, as well as of course exercising the skills required to deal with people. A point of vi...
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