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she said by allah i dont know what happened to your

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Unformatted text preview: A Hadith... The Prophet was asked, "What are the most common reasons for which people enter Hell?" He replied, "This and this." Meaning, the private parts and the tongue. 533 (82) Supplications I do not intend to discuss here the virtues of supplication and the manners and conditions for them to be answered, for none of this is directly related to our main discussion here, which is the art of dealing with others. What I wish to address here is how you can skilfully win people over via your supplications. The first step is to supplicate to Allah that he guides you to the best of manners and character. The Prophet used to say in his supplications, "O Allah, to you belongs all praise! There is no one worthy of worship but you. Glory be to you with your praise. I have wronged myself and acknowledged my sins, so please forgive my sins, for none forgives the sins except You. Guide me to the best of manners, for none guides one to them except You. Avert bad manners from me, for none averts bad manners except You. We are at Your service and all good is in Your Hand." (Abu `Awana with this wording, Sahih) To return to the topic, how can you win over people by your supplications? People generally tend to like others supplicating for them. They delight when you greet them upon meeting them and 534 Supplications 82 then supplicate for them. So when you say, "How are you doing? What's the latest?" You should also say, "May Allah keep you safe. May He bless you. May He keep your heart firm." Try not to use overused supplications, like, "May Allah grant you success, may He protect you." Because although these are also good supplications, the people are all too used it them. When you meet anyone with children, you should pray for them saying, "May Allah make them the source of your delight. May He keep you all together. May Allah make them all obedient", and so on. I say this from experience, for I have done this many times and noticed how quickly it captures people's hear...
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