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she said in that case your religion is my religion he

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Unformatted text preview: onstituted a type of consent that he gave to Abu Baseer. Abu Baseer stayed at the door of the Mosque waiting for the Prophet to grant him permission to stay in Madinah. However, he recalled his pledge with the Quraysh and ordered him to leave Madinah. Abu Baseer heard and obeyed. Yes, he did not hold any grudge in his heart against the religion, and nor did he turn to the Muslims in enmity. He was hoping for a reward from the Most Generous, for whom he had left 530 Help by your speech if you cannot do so in any other way 81 his family and had exhausted himself and placed his body under great stress. Abu Baseer left Madinah and wondered where he should go. In Makkah there would await him torture and chains, and in Madinah there are pacts and pledges that the Muslims had to uphold. He thus went off to the shores of the Red Sea and stayed over there without a friend or companion. When the Muslims in Makkah heard about him, they realised that the doors to relief were opened up to them as the Muslims in Madinah were not able to accept them and the disbelievers in Makkah were torturing them. Abu Jandal then managed to escape and caught up with Abu Baseer. Thereafter, many Muslims began to join up with him until they became great in number and powerful. Not a single Qurayshi caravan would pass them except that they would attack it. When the Quraysh became fed up of this, they sent a message to the Prophet urging him in the name of Allah to allow Abu Baseer to join the Muslims in Madinah. Thus, the Prophet sent them a message ordering them to join him in Madinah. When the message reached them they were overjoyed. However, Abu Baseer by then had become critically ill and was close to death. He kept saying, "My Lord, most High - the Greatest! Whoever aids Allah is aided!" When people visited him and informed him that the Prophet had allowed them to go and live in Madinah, that their estrangement had finally ended and that they had been given security, Abu Baseer became o...
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